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Nathan Gray - NTHN GRY CD (GFM051)


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Track List:

1. Wolves

2. Tomorrow

3. Baptismal Rites

4. Corson (An Ode To Vital Existence)

5. Wolves (Swallowing Filth, Daniel E. Smith Remix)

6. Tomorrow (Ritual Chamber Session)

7. Baptismal Rites (Ritual Chamber Session)

8. Wayward Ghosts


All songs written by Nathaniel Gray & Daniel E. Smith.
Produced by Daniel E. Smith & Nathan Gray.
Tracked and engineered by Daniel E. Smith at Sounds Of Ideal Life. Mastered by Kevin Mattesky at Phantom Center.
Art Direction, layout and photography by
Tom Bejgrowwicz for Man Alive Creative.

Released August 21, 2015

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