A Storm Called Progress - Baby Pink - Vinyl LP
A Storm Called Progress - Baby Pink - Vinyl LP

A Storm Called Progress - Baby Pink - Vinyl LP

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While the world was shut down and touring and playing live was out of the question, Cryptodira sought to do something a little different than the live streams that other bands were doing. They entered the studio in February of 2021 and recorded a live rendition of their 2020 album “The Angel of History”. The band brought a small film crew with them and filmed every song as they were performed. Those videos were released over a number of months online that culminated with the full performance being streamed on the band’s Twitch channel. Fast forward to 2024 and the band and Good Fight are finally releasing the live recordings for streaming as well as a one time vinyl pressing of the album that is limited to 500 copies.

Pressing Info:
100 - Baby Pink (Good Fight Exclusive)
300 - Whirlpool
100 - Grey (Looney Tunes Exclusive)

1. Self-(Affect/Efface) (Live in Studio)
2. Dante’s Inspiration (Live in Studio)
3. Ontology of Pain (Live in Studio)
4. The Blame for Being Alive (Live in Studio)
5. A Tendency to Fall (Live in Studio)
6. What Can’t Be Taken Back (Live in Studio)
7. The White Mask Speaks (Live in Studio)
8. Something Other Than Sacrifice (Live in Studio)

Release Day: 6/28