Relapses Test Press Vinyl
Relapses Test Press Vinyl

Relapses Test Press Vinyl

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In February 2023, experimental metal band See You Next Tuesday returned with Distractions, their first new album in 15 years. Today, the band announces Relapses, an electronic-forward re-edit of Distractions, set for release February 16th, 2024 on Good Fight Music. In creating Relapses, See You Next Tuesday multi-instrumentalist and producer Drew Slavik lead the charge, revitalizing the songs into something totally different and bringing collaborators on board.

Inspired by Fear Factory’s 1997 remix album Remanufacture, the songs on Relapses use components of the songs from Distractions to create an original record. You’ll hear See You Next Tuesday’s blend of experimental metal and grindcore, combined with industrial, electronic, and avant-garde noise. For the album, the band worked with a number of artists on creating the tracks, including Thotcrime, ZOMBIESHARK!, John Cxnnor, Black Magnet and more. The final track on the record, “The Gold Room,” is a totally new creation, made with metal/mathcore band Frontierer.

First Press:
100 x Light Blue & Magenta w/ White & Bone Splatter
150 x Ultra Clear & Baby Blue w/ Yellow & Pink Splatter
250 x Coke Bottle Clear & White w/ Black & Hot Pink Splatter

1.Things Aren’t Going Well
2.The Face No One Sees (Child of Night edits)
3.Realizing Irrelevancy (Mikau edits)
4.The Devil and Me (Thotcrime edits)
5.Repeating Patterns (feat. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher)
6.The Piece (DEATHTRIPPA edits)
7.The Discussion (ZOMBIESHARK! edits)
8.Desired Departure (John Cxnnor edits)
9.The Sweetest Pot (feat. Rich Lombardi of The Sawtooth Grin)
10.Living and Dying in Regret (God is War edits)
11.The Other Side (Black Magnet edits)
12.The Demon and Me (Wreckless Life edits)
13.Love (See You Next Tuesday)
14.The Gold Room (See You Next Tuesday collaboration with Frontierer)

Digital Download of the album will be sent via email on release day.

Release Day: 2/16/24