Death Of Divinity 12" LP
Death Of Divinity 12" LP
Death Of Divinity 12" LP

Death Of Divinity 12" LP

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LP will appear black. Must be held up to light to show the colors.

1st Pressing - 300 Translucent Lemonade + Black

Death of Divinity represents metalcore and hardcore at its very best - a sound that could only be described as “bludgeoning” while remaining sharp edged and entirely pissed off. Atonal riffs coexist alongside a prevalent layer of industrial influenced soundscapes, fuzzed out breakdowns and anguished lyrics that dissect bleak themes of mental health and societal strife. 

Guest vocalists Andrew Nuefeld (Comeback Kid), Marshall Lichtenwaldt (The Warriors), Dez Yusuf (Zulu, Crimewave 5150) and Nate Rebolledo (Xibalba) add a sense of hardcore community to the album, with features that oscillate between it’s metallic roots and melodic moments that might remind you of bands like Killing The Dream. 


1. …On Failure
2. Kill To Rise (feat. Andrew Neufeld)
3. Torchlight (feat. Dez Yusuf)
4. Holy Order (feat. Nate Rebolledo)
5. Blood Oath
6. Knell
7. I Thought It Was Me
8. And The World Remained Silent
9. We Are What We Fear (feat. Marshall Lichtenwaldt)
10. South Of Life