Good Fight welcomes Duhkha to the family!

Good Fight welcomes Duhkha to the family!

Hailing from Southern California, Duhkha’s members have cut their teeth in the hardcore and metal scene over the past two decades, playing in bands like Eighteen Visions, Seizures, Teeth, and Dangers. Shortly after forming in 2020, Duhkha released their self-titled 7" in 2021 on Escapist Records. The band then spent much of 2021 and 2022 playing shows with the likes of Stick To Your Guns, END and Pressure Cracks before entering the studio in 2023. Today, they are proud to announce their debut LP A Place You Can’t Come Back From, available August 9th on Good Fight Music. You can preorder the album HERE. The band has also shared the crushing first single “Ictal”, which you listen to HERE. Across 11 tracks of chaotic and aggressive metallic hardcore, Duhkha has created something new for fans of Coalesce, Deadguy, Botch, and Meshuggah.

“Ictal” serves as an introduction to the experimentation listeners can expect from the new album. A grinding, chaotic masterclass in extreme music, the song meshes razorblade riffs, pummeling drums and anguished vocals to evoke a climate of fear and aggression. Influenced by the ‘golden age’ of metallic hardcore, djent and death metal, the band merges these styles into an extremely well-crafted song with a unique sonic edge.

“Musically, this song was very heavily influenced by the chaotic thrash of earlier Coalesce.” says bassist Keith Barney. “I really wanted to lean into the weird time signatures, pauses, starts and stops and to resolve everything with a traditional 4/4 breakdown in the end. We have various types of songs on the album - but this one feels like it captures the overall idea and energy of Duhkha”.

“Ictal” lights the spark to the album with an immediate punch of chaos and heavy.” continues vocalist Cameron Miller. “I wanted to write a song that thematically prefaced the album, and when Keith presented the music to us, I knew it had to be the first track”.

Limited To One in Manhattan will carry an exclusive in-store edition with an alternate silk-screened, hand numbered cover. This can only be purchased in store at 221 E. 10th St, New York, NY 10003. You can preorder vinyl from Good Fight Music HERE.